Donate to highly effective climate change charities

About Us

The Net-Zero Fund provides kiwis with a convenient and tax-efficient way to make a diversified donation to the charities leading the fight against climate change. The fund aims to achieve maximum impact for each dollar donated. Grants are awarded to the global organisations with the greatest potential to reduce carbon emissions, supported by evidence-based research.
About Us

What We Do

The Net Zero Fund was created with a single goal in mind: help kiwis achieve maximum climate impact by donating to the world’s most effective charities.

We hand-pick each of the causes we support so you know that every cent you donate is making as much difference as possible. Thanks to our collaboration with The Gift Trust (an NZ registered charity), all donations are eligible for a tax rebate.

The fund was created by Jamie Heather, and is administered by Andrew Duncan and the team at Carbon Critical, a Kiwi start-up on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in NZ and overseas.

Carbon Critical does not receive any commissions, fees or other payments for providing the Net-Zero Fund. We freely volunteer our time to oversee the fund, communicate with donors and recipient organisations, and coordinate operations.

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